Penny N. Glover, MEd, CCRC

Penny N. Glover, MEd, CCRC attended East Carolina University where she earned her BS and MEd degrees. In May 1997, she was certified as a clinical research coordinator, and in March 1998, was certified as a Diplomate in the American Psychotherapy Association.

Ms. Glover served as Executive Editor for American Journal of Health Behavior and was the former  owner of PNG Publications. She also was a founding partner of The Tobacco Regulatory Science Group, and Paris Scholar Publishing. Moreover, she is a former Assistant Director of Addiction and Psychiatric Medicine Research and Assistant Professor in the Department of Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry, West Virginia University Medical School, Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center in Morgantown, WV where she conducted nicotine dependence pharmacological clinical trials for 14 years.

During this time, she coordinated clinical trials with most FDA-approved nicotine pharmacological adjuncts such as nicotine gum (2 mg and 4 mg), transdermal patches, a nicotine oral inhaler, and a nicotine nasal spray as well as both non-nicotine pharmacological adjuncts for treatment of nicotine dependence. She was involved in nicotine dependence pharmacological clinical trials involving multiple other products not approved by the FDA – a nicotine sublingual tablet, a sublingual tablet containing the active ingredient lobeline sulfate, an antidepressant, an antihypertensive medication, a weight loss medication, as well as multiple other drugs with CNS active properties.

Ms. Glover’s previous research interest was in the area of implementing treatment programs for nicotine-dependent persons. She developed a treatment program, Start SMARTTM that combined pharmacological adjuncts with behavior modification. Ms. Glover trained facilitators internationally to implement Start SMARTTM and the program was adopted by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Western Pennsylvania and a multitude of hospitals, universities and businesses throughout the United States and elsewhere.

Ms. Glover authored or co-authored articles in such noted publications as the Journal of the American Medical Association, Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Health Values, Modern Medicine, New England Journal of Medicine, American Journal of Health Behavior, Health Behavior and Policy Review, and The Encyclopedia of Drugs and Alcohol.