Want to join the Health Behavior and Policy Review Review Board?

The journal is always seeking conscientious reviewers and extends an invitation to health behavior researchers to join the Review Board of the Health Behavior and Policy Review. Your responsibilities as a Review Board member are listed below.

Note: We believe the best reviewers are persons who have published themselves. Ideally, we prefer persons who have published at least 8 manuscripts and hold a doctoral degree; however, will consider persons holding less than a doctoral degree if they have sufficient publications.

  1. Serve a 3-year term, which may result in a re-appointment. Moreover, should you choose to withdraw/resign, you may do so at any time before your appointment is completed.
  2. Review no more than TWO manuscripts per 12-month period. It is expected that manuscripts will be reviewed and returned within 15 days. Should a reviewer repeatedly submit late reviews or fail to return reviews, he/she will be removed from the Review Board.
  3. Contact your university/employer library to subscribe to the Health Behavior and Policy Review.
  4. If you Reject a manuscript, we need specific reasons for your rejection for your comments will be forwarded to the author(s). Please stay away from personally attacking the individual(s).
  5. If you are unable to review your manuscript within 14 days, decline the review so that we may forward the manuscript without further delay to another reviewer.
  6. It is Journal policy that author(s) submitting manuscripts will be notified quickly of the status of manuscripts. In addition to being known as a quality journal, the journal wishes to be known as a responsive journal.
  7. We hope that you occasionally select the journal as a publication outlet for your better manuscripts.

If you agree to the aforementioned conditions, please submit an application.