Philosophy, Objectives, and Scope of the Journal

Health Behavior and Policy Review (Electronic ISSN 2326-4403) is a rigorously peer-reviewed scholarly publication that seeks manuscripts on health behavior or policy topics that represent original research, including papers that examine the development, advocacy, implementation, or evaluation of policies around specific health issues. Emerging scholars who have conducted systematic, meta-analytic, or state-of-the-art reviews that include, but are not limited to, comprehensive examinations of the literature in conjunction with doctoral dissertations, grant applications, or other active research endeavors are encouraged to submit their work. The Review especially welcomes papers that tie together health behavior and policy recommendations. The Review is published electronically six times per year. Its scope is international with particular interest in reporting on priority health topics identified by the World Health Organization and priority objectives identified in the US publication Healthy People 2020. Aside from serving as an important forum for public health information and communication, Health Behav Policy Rev has the goal of being an effective educational and dissemination tool for researchers and other scholars, practitioners, other public health leaders, and students of health behavior and policy.

Getting the Most from the Journal

6 Issues Annually

Executive Editor
Elbert D. Glover, PhD, FAAHB

Senior Consulting Editor
Robert J. McDermott, PhD, FAAHB

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As a value-added benefit of publishing in HBPR, we will be offering authors a unique opportunity for sharing additional details with other health behavior and policy scholars regarding their publication and related work in which they are engaged. Specifically, we will be inviting authors to contribute a video that they can create on their desktop or laptop computer.  When it has been reviewed and approved, we will activate it at our website and provide additional information to link the video to their paper, moreover, authors will be able to link the video to their home institution/organization, or to another personal website of their preference. This video will become part of a permanent archive that accompanies papers published in HBPR. We hope that in doing so it will enhance the visibility of authors work in general as well as to their excellent contribution to Health Behavior and Policy Review.

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