• Publication fee (mandatory for all papers)- $525
  • Online Open Access fee (optional)- $500
  • Supplementary materials/appendices- see pricing for excessive pages


One-time Publication Fee Per Accepted Article

The publication fee is charged only if your is accepted for publication. When we receive corrected proofs and payment, you will receive a clean PDF copy for immediate professional use. In addition, your article will appear online for access by journal subscribers and those who wish to purchase a copy.

Online Open Access Fee Per Accepted Article

Open Access refers to scholarly journals that are available online, free of charge to the reader; without financial, legal, or technical barriers other than those inseparable from gaining access to the internet itself.

Authors who purchase the Open Access option retain the copyright to their article and may distribute the article however they wish. Moreover, for authors eligible for PubMed Central (PMC) will have the embargo lifted immediately with the Open Access option.

The Open Access fee is added to the mandatory publication fee. Thus, the total fees for a paper published under the Open Access option is $1025.

For further information contact the journal offices.

Fees for Excessive Supplementary Materials/Appendices 

  • Up to 6, double-spaced pages of supplementary materials/appendices- no fee
  • Each additional page of material beyond 6 pages- $50/page

Sponsored Issues 

Please contact the journal offices for pricing if you would like to sponsor an entire issue for a special issue.

Copyediting Service 

If you require assistance with English, grammatical, and stylistic editing for your manuscript, we can recommend a copyediting service.