Overall Health and Well-Being

Healthy People 2030 defines overall health and well-being measures as “broad, global outcome measures intended to assess the Healthy People 2030 vision.” Overall health and well-being is a positive construct and not just merely the absence of a negative state. It is highly correlated with healthy behaviors and is typically measured through subjective questions. Many well-developed instruments have been employed across research and public health surveillance efforts. An example of such a measure is overall life satisfaction, which reflects the cumulative contributions of factors related to physical, mental, psychological, and social health factors. In this call, we seek papers that investigate overall health and well-being through systematic reviews, commentaries, and empirical research using qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods.

Specific topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Factors that drive changes in overall health and well-being across the lifecourse
  • Sex and gender differences
  • The role of stigma on well-being
  • Relationships between income/work and well-being
  • Measurement and construct differences between well-being, happiness, and flourishing
  • Health promotion programs and efforts that integrate well-being
  • Public health surveillance and trends
  • Relationship to specific health behaviors (physical activity, diet, tobacco/substance use, sexual behaviors)

Manuscript Fees

Health Behavior and Policy Review maintains a modest mandatory publication fee of $525; authors may additionally select the Open Access option ($500). Be sure to review the fee schedule.


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