Can I post my published article on ResearchGate?

Authors are free to post abstracts and citation information without restrictions.

If you purchased the Open Access option, you retain the copyright for your article and may self-archive the full edited copy however you wish, including posting on websites like ResearchGate.

If you have not purchased the Open Access option, Paris Scholar Publishing retains the copyright for your article. You may distribute your article for professional use but may not use it for: (1) resales, (2) publication in other media, (3) use for mass distribution by businesses, corporations, or companies, (4) mass reproduction and distribution, (5) selling or licensing copies, or (6) posting on third-party websites such as ResearchGate, repositories, personal websites, or organizational websites.

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What is the Open Access option offered by the journal?

Open Access refers to digital content that is online and available free of charge to the reader. The fee for Open Access is an additional charge to the one-time production fee. Articles that are not Open Access can be accessed by readers through a subscription.

The Open Access option also allows the 6-month embargo to be lifted for authors eligible for PubMed Central (PMC).

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What sets Health Behavior and Policy Review apart from other publications?

The key personnel associated with the journal are themselves experienced and successful researchers, authors, and editors. We recognize the demands placed on individuals in academic, governmental, non-governmental, and other settings worldwide to publish high quality papers in venues with impeccable reputations for adherence to scientific standards of excellence – and with a level of immediacy that makes the work both accessible and useful.

We are committed to delivering a product that stands up to the highest measures of this quality. When you submit your paper you can be assured that it will get quick but careful attention, early dissemination to an internationally-renowned cadre of reviewers and associate editors who bring some of the best credentials in their respective fields of endeavor, and responsive feedback that will help you to present your finest work to professional colleagues. If approved for publication, you can be assured further that every effort will be made to give your paper the professional and flawless appearance that it deserves, and rapid access to colleagues and other stakeholders. Because our key personnel have been the researchers and the writers, both now and in the past, we are consumers like you. We expect to deliver the quality that we would hope for ourselves if we were authors collaborating on your work.

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