An Open Access article published in the Health Behavior and Policy Review Journal.


Sahrir Sillehu, PhD
Tri Niswati Utami, PhD
Ilyas Ibrahim, PhD
Zulfikar Peluw, MSN
Zulfikar Lating, MPH


Fishermen are a group of workers who play a major role in the development of a country’s economy but are susceptible to health challenges due to the high-risk nature of their profession. Therefore, in this study, we determined the health risk factors among fishermen in West Seram Regency, Indonesia.


We used a cross-sectional design to develop a predictive model for fishermen’s health. We collected data through a survey using validated and reliable questionnaires, followed by analysis with multiple logistic regression. The sample population consisted of 114 participants.


Smoking, exercise, and diving habits influenced the health of the participants with p-values of .016, .005, and .001, respectively. Parents’ health history also had a significant impact, with a p-value of .021. Furthermore, it was considered to be the dominant factor, possessing an Exp(B) value of 6.7.


Based on the findings, these groups of workers were advised to maintain health through smoking cessation, engaging in regular physical activity, and undergoing regular check-ups at primary healthcare facilities.

Source: Health Behavior and Policy Review, Volume 11, Number 1, February 2024
Publisher: Paris Scholar Publishing Ltd.
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