Special/Theme Issue Q&A

Does Health Behav Policy Rev publish special or theme issues?
Yes, we accept both.

What is the difference between a special and theme issue?
A special issue usually consists of a set of at least 8 papers on a common, specific topic. A theme issue may have fewer papers and include papers on a broader range of topics that cover an overarching theme.

Is the special/theme issue a normal issue or a supplementary issue?
It depends on specific circumstances. We prefer to publish Special/Theme issues as normal issue.

Is there a minimum number of articles in a special/theme issue?
Special issues consist of 8-15 articles. Theme issues consist of less than 8 articles.

What is the process for submitting a special/theme issue?
Contact the journal offices. You will need to submit a brief proposal which includes: 1) topic or theme of issue, 2) guest editor(s) of the issue, 3) titles and authors of each manuscript, 4) a brief abstract noting the relevance to health behavior and policy, 5) funding, and 6) timeline.

What are the costs for sponsoring a special/theme issue?
The cost for sponsoring a special/theme issue is $2,000 per article in the issue. If Open Access is requested there is an additional fee of $200 per article. Not all the articles in an issue need to be Open Access, a select few can be Open Access if desired.

Are there any addition costs?
None beyond the mandatory fee per article and the optional fee for Open Access.

Are there are unique guidelines for submission?
No, however, all papers must follow the Author Guidelines.

Once a proposal is approved what is the review process?
Authors are provided a deadline by which to to submit their manuscripts through Manuscript Manager. Once received, manuscripts are sent out for review following our double-blind, peer-reviewed process.

Do all manuscripts in the issue have to be reviewed by independent reviewers?
Yes. We always identify 2-3 reviewers for each manuscript.

What happens if a manuscript is rejected?
We will work with the author(s) and guest editor(s) to elevate the paper to a publishable level. If unable to do so, we will permanently reject the paper. We only accept and publish papers that have been reviewed and accepted for publication.

Can the special editor(s) provide an introduction paper to introduce the issue?
Yes. Such an introductory paper would ideally discuss the relevance of the collection of papers to health behavior policy.