An Open Access article published in the Health Behavior and Policy Review Journal.
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Syou Maki, PhD
Yoko Sakakibara, MS
Naomi Hisanaga, MD


Occupational research relevant to visual display terminal (VDT) work is expanding on a global scale. To date, examination of possible occupational health-related issues has been insufficient.


We conducted a longitudinal survey (2007-2011) at a teacher training university, investigating various kinds of problematic VDT work, revealing the relationships between occupational and environmental factors (work content, workplace, and working posture) and ocular and musculoskeletal symptoms.


Whereas symptoms varied somewhat for men and women who were VDT users, “stooping posture” and “work time (≥ 6 hours)” were the causes of symptoms of “eye fatigue” for both sexes. We identified numerous other sex-specific symptoms as well.


These results contribute to improvement of teachers’ occupational and environmental health and offer direction for pre-work education.

Source: Health Behavior and Policy Review, Volume 8, Number 5, September 2021, pp. 394-487(94)
Publisher: Paris Scholar Publishing Ltd.